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Science Technology

At The Academy, we believe in applying technology to all areas of the student experience.  Tomorrow’s leaders must be “digital natives” – using varied tools and devices to excel in their profession.  We have over 400 student devices (mix of iPads and laptop computers) that are used to enhance student learning.  We are implementing an innovative approach called “blended learning” over the next 3 years (beginning with grades 6-8 in 2014).  This method uses specific computer software to help a portion of the class practice at individual levels while the teacher works with other students in 1-on-1 and/or small group formats.

Course for 7th and 8th graders

Computer Science - In computer science, be prepared to create some of the coolest programs around! You will learn the skills needed to know how to build websites and smart phone apps from scratch, including websites and apps that could be useful for you, your friends, and your family! 

Computer Aided Engineering (i.e. Advanced Robotics):       This course will give students an opportunity to develop the ability to communicate graphically.  In this course students will develop early drafting principles, e.g., drafting board skills, the ability to sketch, use of drafting terminology, creating patterns, materials lists and being able to have knowledge of working drawings.  Students will create a robotic design using CAD software with the end result of building their model.  Students will experience taking a project from an idea, to a plan, and then to a working robot model.